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Kirsten Izer
Brooklyn, NY
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Brooklyn, NY
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Kirsten Izer is an 19 year old DIY indie alternative-pop singer born and raised in New Jersey, now working and residing in New York. The multi-instrumentalist attended a special fine and performing arts program in high school and writes, performs, records and produces all her musical work on her own. After graduating, the singer/songwriter began a career in the music industry working for other musicians full-time while still making music for herself. Her first single, “Burning Out,” was praised by The Revue, who said she has an “innate ability to channel her deepest emotions and fears not only through her words but the power of her guitar.” The track topped charts on music platforms such as Tradiio and Veromuse.

“It is rare to hear a voice with character that instantly engages you” and Izer’s lo-fi recordings “feel a bit like demos but the raw nature only enhance the listening experience” (American Pancake). Bullet Magazine wrote, "In a time where so much of the music we hear is over-produced pop with an eye on stardom (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those things), it’s refreshing to hear a young musician with a smaller, more introspective sound. Kirsten Izer, a 19 year old singer-songwriter from New Jersey manages just that on her new EP What If This Is It?,... ...(her songs) unless we’re mishearing things here, have more than a little Morrissey in their DNA, in terms of both melody and subject matter."

Her debut EP, "What If This Is It?," was released this past September and she will be touring in support this fall/winter. You can find Kirsten Izer's music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and most streaming platforms, as well as SoundCloud.

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