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South Beloit, IL
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South Beloit, IL

X'es comes equip with an aura of flow. Speaking on terms of something that is Party ready to something as real as the problems we face in life today. Born into music, hearing his first instrumental, a flame ignited within himself due to the passing of his son. X'es pushes for the chance to be heard. The chance to make hip hop music new and exciting, yet familiar. Fun but serious. This man doesn't have to express violence in every song he makes. He rather dive into the minds of his fans and make something they can relate to. Something more personal. But not only that something through the pages of his life. The really good. The oh so bad and some even the ugly. This is one artist that interacts with his fans on a personal level and continues to grow with his sons spirit coercing, not only through him but to his fans.

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